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  • Paul Nano 2 years ago

    Thanks :)
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  • Kolby Pocock 2 years ago

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  • Olga Santo Tomás Monroe 2 years ago

    Valuable YouTube SEO tips!

  • Death Artic 2 years ago

    Helloooo guy in box :’)

  • Chris manessa 2 years ago

    pretty good kestal

  • Steven Polanco 2 years ago

    I prefer using the black star for pre title stuff. I never knew about
    adding my username in my videos.

  • Omega Rainbow 2 years ago

    Great tutorial! Loved every part of it – except when I clicked on the
    annotation while watching the video, and instead of opening a new tab it
    loaded the new video in the same page… so I had to click back and reload
    this one to finish watching it 😛 if there isn’t a specific reason (that I
    don’t know) to keep the annotations as they are, I would suggest changing
    them to “open in a new window” link :)

  • xSimSugar 2 years ago

    How do you get the subscribe bit to link to the actual subscribe button?
    Like if i click on the link it comes up to “confirm subscription” how do i
    do this for my videos? Thanks :)

  • YouTube Video Marketing | YouTube Video SEO 2 years ago

    thanks for the tips. A lot of stuff to concern yourself with when it comes
    to YouTube optimization, or any seo for that matter. Important to get this
    stuff right.

  • fashionkisserr 2 years ago

    thank you so much, learning a lot from you!!! loves from belgium ;D

  • OminousFlare 2 years ago

    A thousand views…