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06 How to use Screaming Frog SEO Spider for quick and easy competitor analysis. Created by one of Australia’s leading SEO consultant thi…

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  • Falcon mlik 3 years ago

    hi thanks for uploading this great video. I have just one question please.
    how can we check external backlinks of our competitors other than majestic,
    ahref and so on please?

  • Marwan Samaha 3 years ago

    Hi, thank you for the great video. i have small question please, how can i
    know where out competitors are getting backlinks from other than via as backlink watch only shows 1000 backlinks and
    not all the backlinks,
    thank you very much

  • Gerald Ng 3 years ago

    I am a self taught amatuer doing SEO for my own website with absolutely no
    academic background in computer etc.. Once again, its very informative. I
    read about image optimization and its true many websites simply let this
    part goes to waste as most people cant see whats in a file name anyway (so
    they thought). A little bit of read up on SEO prior to watching this video
    would achieve enlightenment..

    I read a number of information and books on SEO over the years and I have
    never seen anyone going into so much depth in placing the importance on
    analyzing your competitor. At first I thought it was irrelevant and I only
    want to jump straight into optimizing my site but as the chinese sayings
    goes..know your enemy and the victory is yours.. how true…

    Thanks for the efforts mate!

  • Gainmoreconfidence 3 years ago

    Love your stuff man!

  • rankyaseoservices 3 years ago