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Want a short workout that’s 7 times more effective than long boring cardio for fat loss – and requires ZERO equipment? Get it FREE here: If you don’t…

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  • hugo ramos 2 years ago

    Wtf, how do you suppose my fat-ass is going to be able to do this shit?!?!
    I can barely do 4 normal pushups.!!

  • john mcdonagh 2 years ago

    I think it is great I only started three weeks ago my chest and biceps is
    actually big . You should make some more videos

  • chris szablewski 2 years ago

    are there any workouts that involve heavy lifting of beers? I dont see the
    point of any of this.

  • Zoro Senpai™ ゾロの先輩 2 years ago

    You muscles.. where they at doe?

  • Syed Shuja 2 years ago

    I am 15 years And men You fucking make me sick i cant even get up!!!!!!!
    But thanks for Growing My Muscles

  • Ofer Wiesglass 2 years ago

    5 At-Home Exercises You Can Use to Build Muscle Without Equipment #israel #medicaltourismisrael

  • MD Shuzon 2 years ago

    Holla! Have you ever tried the Ripped Muscle Factor (do search on google)?
    Ive heard a number of extraordinary things about it and my friend build
    lots of ripped muscle quickly…

  • Von Sege 2 years ago

    I had a friend that all he did was push ups during comericals on tv he had
    huge musles

  • Debashish Chatterjee 2 years ago

    Yes these exercises are very tough….and works. This give you real
    strength, shape and stamina.

  • Noli Noli 2 years ago

    How man times should i do this pr. week?
    And how many reps and sets…
    Pls i need a quick answer

  • Mohit Kunder 2 years ago

    I’m skinny and I can barely do 25 pushups. Is there an alternative ??

  • Israel Med For You 2 years ago

    5 At-Home Exercises You Can Use to Build Muscle Without Equipment #medicaltourismisrael

  • Leuk Speletje 2 years ago

    plz are there easier arm exercises without pulling my body up and wihout

  • Melissa Robles 2 years ago

    I fuxking love you!! My legs are hella toned thanks to you baby!

  • Bodie Broadus 2 years ago

    no doubt this guy knows what he is talking about, he is jacked as shit!!!

  • Dinero Mike 2 years ago

    This nigga don’t even got muscle

  • starlogic99 2 years ago

    cant the 3rd one be bad for your wrists..?

  • Ratan Patel 2 years ago

    I like it ,it pretty good

  • Cretu Cosmin 2 years ago

    If you have 143 lbs like he do, and trying to build muscles just from
    pushups, well.. good luck!

    in case you don’t want to spend lot of time to gym, my advices are next:
    – Do a lot of pushups, but with weights like a bag on your back containing
    all your school books or even full of rocks… or if you have to use a
    friend as weight, but remember to not do the same pushup every time, try
    different types and different combinations.. Your own weight isn’t enough,
    trust me!

    – Pullups are good.. work your back, upper back, biceps, forearm, etc.. and
    you can also use weights.

    – Find a good abdomen workout routine (the Internet is bigger than your

    – Run between 15 and 30 mins per day… ( fat loss / legs workout )
    I do the same route everyday but in different style
    1 day, running to work my shins
    another day, running in normal way, but in the same route 200 – 250 meters
    i do sprint run.

    You don’t have to change the route everyday, same route, less time!
    but don’t forget to sprint run at least 100 meters till the finish.

    These are my tips for you guys.. As a begginer you can start to do pushups,
    pullups, running, everyone started from a single pushup right?

    oh and a last thing.. if you want to get rid of your weight do what i said,
    but very important is to eat healty and do not overdo it.
    Diet doesn’t mean starving!

  • nits adore 2 years ago

    5 At-Home Exercises You Can Use to Build Muscle W…:

  • fareed ali 2 years ago

    is masturbation useful if doing everyday single or twice?
    some people say masturbation is harmful, it destroys the energy and cells
    and in fact weaken the body. Need your advice please.

  • Israel Med For You 2 years ago

    5 At-Home Exercises You Can Use to Build Muscle Without Equipment #medicaltourismisrael

  • bimal sehgal 2 years ago

    have you heard of “niko” push ups

  • scott campbell 2 years ago

    This guy is a little twig! 

  • TeKrit 2 years ago

    I can’t feel my body.