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  • Sarkari Naukri 4 years ago

    great tutorial………..

  • Patchman Web Hosting 4 years ago

    Blog SEO Tutorial.

  • supersammy7000 4 years ago

    finally it is not first

  • Videoorchard 4 years ago

    Hey man,Thanx for the reply.other ways to build global audience? can you
    please throw some light on it,very briefly if possible! :-)

  • WhiteOps0 4 years ago


  • mybringback 4 years ago

    Hey buddy. I’m guess google does limit views locally in the beginning, and
    I’m not positive if there is anything you can do about that. But, there are
    still plenty of other ways to build your global audience

  • Videoorchard 4 years ago

    Hi ,Just wanted to ask you guys on whether your youtuube upload location
    really matters? i have been uploading videos onto youtube sometime now,and
    i get most traffic onto my videos/fb fan page from my own country.
    *Sigh.Really bothers me.How do i target views from other countries? do i
    need to change my ip address o something? can you pleeease lookup on this
    topic! :-)

  • Gibran Ali 4 years ago

    Excellent. Will recommend this to my staff to use on my website.