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  • Giusa 4 years ago

    tnx Emily :)

  • maya mooncat 4 years ago

    @Zaphyr1276 I had same prob with my Suki. Do you clicker or have a marker
    word? What I did: Treat in one fist and none into the other fist. She gets
    the treat only for touching the empty fist. I used my markerword or have
    someone else click for you and feed her out of the treat-fist. Only a

  • kikopup 4 years ago

    @AnimalLoverLizzy wow wow wow!!!!! :) I just saw his pic on FB!!!! He is

  • AdimusDogServices 4 years ago

    Another great attention building game! These are wonderful little tips

  • peaches2perfect 4 years ago

    Great video as usual Emily!

  • Zaphyr1276 4 years ago

    I tried to teach my dog to touch, but all she is thinking about is the
    treat. please help. :(

  • Zaphyr1276 4 years ago

    @mayamooncat I have tried to use both. Will both high value treats and
    treats she rarely gets ( cheese). All she will do is sit wait and then walk
    away, frustrated. Like i have tried targeting and luring, and even free
    shaping, but its like she had no idea what she did to get the treat.

  • HighFlyinWoJo 4 years ago

    Hey Emily, What about a dog that is super distraced by OTHER dogs in an
    enviorment. My border collie is fine with other things but when it comes to
    other dogs being around she is SO set on them she will just stare..and
    watch. Even if I have treats. She is fine training at home but take her to
    a class and no focus on me. :( She knows so much..but No one sees that
    cause she does this.

  • crisischris327 4 years ago

    This is exactly what I need to work with my Dog on. Do you have a treat in
    your hand to keep the dogs attention like this?

  • Faya Mertens 4 years ago

    It’s all about variety. What you want is to teach the dog certain behavior
    independent from where you’ve trained. That’s why this video also notes
    that you shouldn’t make only clockwise turns, but also anti clockwise
    turns. When the dog understands the ‘trick’ practice at home, in the park,
    backyard. You don’t have to repeat the trick in every possible environment,
    but only in a few (2 to 4) several different environments. Limit the
    sessions to about 10-15 minutes..

  • Lanner J 4 years ago

    Look up kikopups tutorial on reactivity in dogs. I realize some of them are
    about barking and shyness, but the skills are transferable. Hope this helps!

  • SheaandBekah 4 years ago


  • MrVbdude 4 years ago

    Do we have to play these games in every new environment to build attention
    or they will get the idea of giving attention to you is the best thing to
    do in all environments?

  • AnimalLoverLizzy 4 years ago

    Thanks Emily! 😀 Just got a new shelter pup this weekend and it’s a whole
    new ball game compared to Sparky, my goodness I have been finding myself
    pouring over your videos during every free moment I get! Love you! xx