Share Button Today I wanted to give you three Facebook marketing tips that will help you get better results with your marketing effort…

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  • Jennifer Snyder 4 years ago

    Love your 3 Facebook Marketing Tips!

  • Jeremy Paul Morgan 4 years ago

    Awesome tips my brotha! Keep em coming buddy. 

  • Tony Aveiro 4 years ago

    Great job Scott Facebook marketing is crucial. Thanks for delivering value!!

  • AM Jones 4 years ago

    Really good video. Not spamming your link is really important, you must
    learn to stand out, thank you for sharing these great tips.

  • Thomas Ray 4 years ago

    Very true spam just looks desperate! Really killer Facebook tips Scott, you
    really put some true value out for people to learn

  • Dayton Anderson 4 years ago

    Great Facebook Tips! This should be posted in all of the FB groups with
    spammers! I hate it.

  • Tracey R 4 years ago

    So simple… yet people are STILL not doing these!

  • Tracey R 4 years ago

    Tip no#1 is so simple, but why oh why do sooooo many people still do it?
    … spammers be gone 😉

  • Andres Paez 4 years ago

    Yes Scott, its all about common sense ! be social! I don’t know how people
    still spam..

  • Daria Jackson-Legagneur 4 years ago

    Hey Scott great FB Tips. Anyone that doesn’t watch Michelle’s FB training
    is crazy. She is the best when it comes to Facebook Marketing.

  • Linda Bomba 4 years ago

    Nice tips Scott. The spamming your links all over in a million groups.

  • Scott Carrell 4 years ago