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  • carrie lorentz 2 years ago

    Add me on Facebook

    Facebook Marketing Tips: How to schedule your posts and get more people to
    see your Facebook profile in their newsfeed.

    As you may well know Facebook decides who you want to see in your newsfeed
    so most of your friends are not seeing what you post! This is a good way to
    get more of your friends, and their friends seeing more of your status
    updates, and engaging on your timeline as well!

    I also demonstrate, how to follow people on Facebook that you consider to
    be good leads in your business, new friends, and get people to visit your
    page and possibly even send you friend requests.

    #facebook #facebookmarketing #facebooknewsfeed #marketingtips 

  • Dawn Miller 2 years ago

    Thanks Carrie! You rock!!!

  • Jason Stoecker 2 years ago

    So many tools…this is Great!