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  • daniel frankel 2 years ago

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  • mohsen javed 2 years ago

    Hi Simon very nice info. I was just try it but when i started upload
    plugins i checked one of your plugin better wp security has changed all its
    settings now how we will use it ? could you help us Please?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Media Swift 2 years ago

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  • Chetan Gosai 2 years ago

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  • jdphd 2 years ago

    How nice for you to have the information you wish to share. Yet I cannot
    see any words on the screen ’cause they are so tiny. Can you do something
    about it?

  • Mike Gluck 2 years ago

    Simon thanks for sharing the info…great stuff.

  • felipipi 2 years ago

    Would this be considered as Black hat strategies ? Sorry if is a stupid
    question but I am a newb here.

  • jdphd 2 years ago

    The print on the webpages you are showing are way too light and small to
    see. I think I am missing a good and useful presentation.

  • TheZetaEntertainment 2 years ago

    Really good review.YOu impressed me Mate .I would Like to See More Like

  • MovieC0llect0r 2 years ago

    I liked,

  • Web Hosting 2 years ago

    you can use wp-supercache .. its not as good as far as the editability and
    options but it is a really close second

  • Aarif Khan 2 years ago

    yeah its works 😀 Love it

  • ClaNeBay 2 years ago

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  • DooDeck100 2 years ago

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  • Ben Keaton 2 years ago

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  • winexz 2 years ago

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  • M3JoOoDeY2011 2 years ago


  • Perez Dunn 2 years ago

    Greatz ! please creat? more video