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  • leathalYOLO B. 3 years ago

    WHERE DO I PUT META TAGS AT?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!

  • zain ul abidin bin riaz 3 years ago

    Very nice and carry on sonny tum waqae sonny hoe 

  • Cher Davis 3 years ago

    Thanks very much, very clear & concise. One question: Do the meta tags need
    to be different on each page of the website, or the same as index page?

  • Complete Outsourcing 3 years ago

    Nice presentation! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Redenthor Lubuguin 3 years ago

    clearly defined..thanks for this good explanation..keep on sharing..

  • leathalYOLO B. 3 years ago

    where do i put it at????????????????

  • Brenda Taylor 3 years ago

    Excellent! Thank you, Sonny!! Just what I needed!

  • Cher Davis 3 years ago

    Thank you Sonny! :-)

  • allaboutart99 3 years ago

    One thing he touchef upon in the video that you should also keep in mind –
    although Google has changed, there are still other search engines that
    still utilize this information. Though Google is the highest, do not
    neglect this fact. Plenty of people use Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, and many
    others. Don’t throw away potential visitors by concentrating on Google
    alone. That is the same as saying that anyone not using Google doesn’t
    deserve to be your customer.

  • Gwen Willoughby 3 years ago

    Good presentation! It helped me out alot. thank you.

  • Reynaldo Lebunfacil 3 years ago

    I just got what I need to know about META TAGS. Great presentation Mr.
    Sonny Ahuja.

  • Milwaukee Phoenix Media 3 years ago

    Good video with a lot of great information about getting your meta tags

  • Caroline Ellison 3 years ago

    Hello I thought that your video was excellent, I am a complete novice and
    you actually presented it in a way that I understood and can now question
    my website designer…thankyou Caroline from England

  • Construction Agency 3 years ago

    Great Video Sonny

  • Catherine Johnson 3 years ago

    Your from my hometown! Thank-you Sonny, I am just starting out and this was
    very helpful. C.

  • Tara Emph 3 years ago

    VERY helpful

  • Sandip Rafaliya 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing such a informative video for beginners like me..

  • rogelio espiritu 3 years ago

    very informative specially to those newbies like me

  • Black Beard 3 years ago

    This is some great info, thanks im going to apply it.

  • Unique SEO Tips 3 years ago

    meta tags is essential in optimizing the content of your website. Thus,
    tanks for sharing the information about how useful meta tags are.

  • furry land 3 years ago

    Sonny Ahuja great information

  • Sonny Ahuja 3 years ago

    You should download a plugin called All In One SEO in WP. Then you can add
    meta data on all pages of your WP site.

  • Nishant Singh 3 years ago

    grt stuff sir

  • pabby 3 years ago

    Was looking for a video like the for ages very good

  • Ismael Ali 3 years ago