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FACT: Your dealership’s presence on Google is the biggest factor in determining how much traffic your website gets. Google is rapidly changing their ranking …

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  • Gabriel Partenie 3 years ago

    Thank you for the effort but you need to change the mic!
    A fairly good video sounds like an amateur job.
    Invest more if you want to make more!

  • Painting Contractor 3 years ago

    Get a quality sounding mic thanks

  • Eduardo Vivas 3 years ago

    SEO Strategies….

  • Aussie Biz Reviews 3 years ago

    With google changing every year, its always suggested to keep the website
    as relevant with good quality as possible.

  • Seo Supplier 3 years ago

    Killer SEO Strategies for 2014 — How to WIN on Google

  • LComm (Lutchansky Communications) 3 years ago

    You have to slow down…you talk way too fast….

  • jovin george seoexpertkerala 3 years ago

    cool like it 

  • Jeffri Abdullah 3 years ago

    That voice – torture

  • Steve Cardon 3 years ago

    Information is great, the eq for the woman conducting is really painful.

  • Anna Lapushner 3 years ago

    Killer SEO for 2014 will be Killer SEO for 2015

  • Michael C 3 years ago

    Microphone sound is bad because of microphone technique and equalization of
    sound. Sounds like person speaking is moving all around microphone.
    Also quality of microphone is questionable. Balance should be set for both

  • Juan Diego Pulgarin 3 years ago

    It seems like a very interesting conference, but the Annoying voice just
    killed my passion, insupportable, sorry.

  • Eduard Roth 3 years ago

    the audio really sucks, indeed. couldn’t listen more than 2 min

  • sams Blurton 3 years ago

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    must be effect your site for the rank 1

  • Chetan Gosai 3 years ago

    this is really good.. but more video share and more understanding seo
    knowledge share with our….thanks…

  • I have no name. 3 years ago

    only company in the industry that couldn’t spend 49.99 on a usb headset

  • momentummikey 3 years ago

    I have to say, after 49 seconds my skull and eardrums shattered and any
    information was lost to me due to not being able to listen any further.
    Was it recorded by an electronic pixie fairy flying thru in the room??
    sorry, bummer for both of us. MomentumMikey

  • Inderjit singh Jassal 3 years ago

    Learn about SEO…………..

  • Shameem Billah 3 years ago
  • Selin Tunalı 3 years ago

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  • אלברט זיני 3 years ago

    thx for this usefull uptodate information

  • Grace Kelly 3 years ago

    How can we partner …I am in Bay Area

  • Grace Kelly 3 years ago

    Very helpful. Your voice is fine. Thanks

  • CepMobi 3 years ago

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  • Rap beats & Instrumentals Real Beatz 3 years ago

    the audio quality is bad, but great information