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MLM Recruiting Secrets - Passive Marketing vs. Active Prospecting

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Passive Marketing vs. Active Prospecting :)PLEASE SHARE ON FACEBOOK, GOOGLE +, & TWITTER:) MLM Recruiting Secrets are not hard to co…

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  • Frank Peterson 3 years ago

    You need to call your leads in order to sell high ticket offers.

  • Melissa E Hollis 3 years ago

    Great tips!!!!! Thanks!!

  • Celia Cavalli 3 years ago

    great info! I find that in my business it is a good mix of both that
    creates success for both me and my team. The active prospecting is super
    important, and in my opinion creating a personal experience for the client
    creates a loyal clientele and team.

  • Daniel Zykaj 3 years ago

    Great stuff here!

  • Harry McRae 3 years ago

    Awesome video

  • edward wilks 3 years ago

    Active prospecting can be frightening but I know the more I can do it I
    will see a big difference

  • nasim ahmed 3 years ago

    youre hot!

  • RanDale Harvey 3 years ago

    Great content! the difference between passive and active is a big one..

  • ClydeLee Ramos 3 years ago

    this is helpful. thank you i am currently in a network marketing business.
    they have a very affordable pay in which is $2.50


  • karlo gwaps sgwqudhqw 3 years ago

    wow thank you. im just 16 and i want to do this business network marketing
    and im finding steps and ways on how to approach and find prospects in

  • Edwin Morley 3 years ago

    great info. Loved the info. all made easy to understand.

  • Vitaliy Dubinin 3 years ago

    I absolutely enjoyed your video! Outstanding ideas! Be sure to check out my
    personal YouTube channel for ideas how to build moneymaking business from

  • Jon Patrick 3 years ago

    great video with solid information. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jordan McCormick 3 years ago

    ok i how do i introduce wun to people who have been involved with network
    marketing before and didnt like it? also these same people are business
    owners so they think they have encountered everything under the sun? and
    for some i dont know them that well and how do i start the conversation
    with wun to someone i dont know that well. we just say hi and bye but dont
    really talk. how do i email these people about wun? thanks

  • callum apps 3 years ago

    i use boath it gets me a base of 50-70 optin rate 

  • Derrick Alexander 3 years ago

    great video…much success to you! :)