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Be sure to visit: Google doesn’t know what an image is unless you tell it. Making SEO Friendly Images on your blog only takes moments …

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  • EchelonClassicMovies 3 years ago

    Instead of dashes between the words can you use underscores instead?
    Instead of Making-SEO-Friendly can you use Making_SEO_Friendly ????

  • kate Schlueter 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video. Is it a good idea to put into the Title and Alt Text
    your homepage name? 

  • Coty Adcock 3 years ago

    yep. On top of that I would like to mention that I utilize youtube to drive
    traffic to my website since i am a video marketer, and this particular
    video was very helpful for me thanks! you can visit my channel and find out
    more about the exact methods i use for the benefit of my web business *(how
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  • Stefan Licht 3 years ago