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In Part I of SEO Keyword Research we will conduct a brief website analysis and start researching keywords using the Google AdWords keyword tool. This video u…
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  • Spook SEO 4 years ago

    The Google AdWord Tool is by far the best keyword software for me. I have
    been using it for a long time already and I can prove to you that it is
    very effective. My online success as an SEO marketer is a great proof that
    this software is really effective. I have recommended it to some of my
    friends as well.

  • Click Centric SEO | Ecommerce SEO Services 4 years ago

    Phenomenal video that outlines some best practices of doing #keywordresearch for
    #SEO . Great stuff for ecommerce marketers. 

  • OIC Group, Inc. | Peoria Web Design & SEO Company 4 years ago

    Learn how to do keyword research effectively. #keywordresearch

  • Jason Davis 4 years ago

    OIC SEO, have you tried keyword scout?

  • MasterBodyLanguage 4 years ago

    very good tip with the words “paint booth” vs “paint booths”

  • Daniele Lazzoni 4 years ago

    Both videos are very interesting, wait for more tips!

  • Jolarin SEO 4 years ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing

  • OIC SEO 4 years ago

    No, haven’t heard of Keyword Scout? Was it that, Jason?