Share Button Shows you the best way to do keyword research. It’s nowhere near as expensive as you think.
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  • grzdylsyn 4 years ago

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  • DirectorGunner 4 years ago

    …. “millions of dollars in adwords spent myself”…. ?? Unless your net
    worth is well over 300 million I doubt you’ve spent “millions of dollars”
    of your own money on adwords campaigns. Maybe your clients money if you
    have 1,000s of clients all spending 10,000s on campaigns… then when going
    to the site it says Billion dollar man.. with no outbound links to reliable
    trustworthy primary sources validating the claim… IMO looks like
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  • Luki Dujmovic Zakaria 4 years ago

    huh… a lot to learn

  • Adam richardson 4 years ago

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  • tasle khatun 4 years ago

    good video

  • Nazma Akter 4 years ago

    video is very beautiful

  • Jovanna Recine 4 years ago

    what date was this made?

  • Jovanna Recine 4 years ago

    that is excellent additional knowledge to the bullshit services that keep
    saying the same thing quickly. thanks .can you help with my finding the
    right keyword..may 1 hour of brainstorm? google adwords tool is not working
    actually. thanks

  • seosauce 4 years ago

    interesting ideas

  • Namrata Thakkar 4 years ago

    How to check your website rank for keyword? I desperately need to learn
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  • IloveFeferonini 4 years ago

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  • Namrata Thakkar 4 years ago

    how to check page rank for a keyword?

  • Suvo Saha 4 years ago

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  • Karl Jackson 4 years ago

    How many keywords should I use one each of my page?

  • Namrata Thakkar 4 years ago

    which keyword tools do you use and recommend?

  • MM Enterprises 4 years ago

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  • Ramakant Kalekar 4 years ago