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BUFF DUDES TANK TOP! Hey Dudes, this is the first in our ‘Teen Training’ series. We wanted to start with the very basics and cover some beginning exercises for…
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  • Pierye 2 years ago

    with absolutely no context at all, just skip to 15:09

  • Liam Cad 2 years ago

    This kid is actively trying to fix the problem and people are still being
    judgemental cunts. You are the reason that people don’t want to start and
    that pisses me off so much.

  • Micko BeeRocket 2 years ago

    The trainer sounds like a really cool dude, he was so cool to the kid.

  • Sad Serenade 2 years ago

    Another thing that this fitness guy (many to be honest) seem to forget to
    implement into training is inhaling and exhaling. It is crucially important
    for you to get the oxygen going trough the mouth into the lungs and out
    during exercises, it will benefit you more.

  • Anthony Connors 2 years ago

    The Buff Dudes are the best fitness channel on YT. Humorous and
    informative. Brandon White seems really humble as well. Most YT channels
    and trainers in general are arrogant loudmouths.

  • The Patrick 2 years ago

    that kid is so tiny. Like unnaturally tiny… Even people that don’t work
    out and are considered slim are much bigger than that dude. What the fuck
    lol. Finnish your dinner. 

  • ImperatorPosticus 2 years ago

    I’m 102 years old, 6’7” and 250lbs am I too skinny for my age? o_O FFS
    guys don’t train for that what other people will say but for yourselves,
    when you feel happy about your looks it will be fine no matter what others
    think about you

  • NewKingBrandon 2 years ago

    Wow. Someone is my size. I really feel like I should start now too. I am
    not confident in my body. I really want to like what I see in the mirror
    and what I can do with my muscles. I am inspired by this guy. There is a
    weightlifting program at my school, but I am too nervous that people will
    constantly downgrade me because I am weaker than them and smaller. I want
    to be in an environment like seen in the video, but I don’t know where to

  • frankenbat 2 years ago

    good instruction. maybe you could do a follow up video, show how he is


    whats with all those creepy ass kids just sitting behind with their water
    and watching him workout how about they do some workout themselves XD

  • Jeryel Lopez 2 years ago

    I’m 15 nearly 16, I’m 6ft tall and weigh 114 lbs… I need help :( if I go
    to the gym how long would it take to see a difference? (From bony to being
    able to see muscles ? ) because I have a low self-esteem and I don’t like
    showing my body or anything that might involve using my non existent
    muscles :/. I want to gain weight but in muscle mass not fat I’ve tried
    lots of things but my metabolism is too high I can’t even gain 5lbs :(
    Hopefully someone is kind enough to give me tips :) Thank you.

  • pavlos roussinos 2 years ago

    My best friend used to be like him…GUESS WHAT MADAFUCKAS HE’S A BUFF DUDE

  • alceushunterx 2 years ago

    I need help gaming weight. I can’t seem to go higher than 90 fucking 5. And
    I’m fucking 15!!! FML. I’m fucking short. I’m fucking skinny. I try to
    fucking easy more than I can handle nothing seems to fucking work.

    My cousin who’s now like in 20s. Was the same weight as me almost height
    and skinny like me. He gives me inspiration because he looks nothing like
    he did before he’s buff like holy crap.

    But I just need to focus on what to eat! Like I keep asking my parents for
    McDonald’s so I can gain weight but they are like no. It’s too fatty. Eat
    healthy food. But healthy food doesn’t give you any cals!!! 

  • Vince James 2 years ago

    His face is like he is frightning. Like his eyes are buldging out..scared.
    like at 15:10 his face is like ”OMG WHYYYY”

  • Ray Griffey 2 years ago

    I’m 5’5 At 12 And Only 120lbs, It’s Extremely Hard Too Gain Weight , All I
    Do Is Calisthenics And It Takes Alot Of Work Too Gain Muscle Mass. So If I
    Were Youu I’d Take Advantage Of The Weights .

  • Vincent Hyland 2 years ago

    Everyone saying your breathing is something you gotta get down is right.
    You can help doing that by running, it helps with oxygen efficiency.

  • UnityGamer3D 2 years ago

    This is awesome. I love how you dudes focus on form, and technique. I
    myself have only been lifting for about a year, and the form has made the
    biggest difference in my muscle developement. I love watching your videos,
    keep it up!!!

  • TheAlexmercer360 2 years ago

    Hey buff dudes,I had a question about unilateral vs bilateral movement,I
    have a squat rack,bench and and barbell and 700lbs weight set,however,to
    get rid of strength imbalances I thought I would incorporate dumbbell
    training,due to being short of money I bought only one adjustable dumbbell
    set that goes up to 80 kilo,not a pair,just a single set.Now if I can do
    132lbs dumbbell bench press for 10 reps with two dumbbells,what should I
    expect while doing the dumbbell bench press with perfect form unilaterally
    with one arm using only one 132 lb dumbbell,a lot of people are saying that
    the weight should feel much easier unilaterally,meaning I should be able to
    do more than 10 reps unilaterally,even if I could do only 10 reps
    bilaterally,is that true?I am confused because a lot of people are also
    saying that is not true,it should be the same in both cases,so I want your
    opinion on this,please reply,it would be a real help,thnx in advance.

  • monu tyagi 2 years ago

    Hello Buff Dudes,,
    I just wanna thank you from my heart for making these videos.
    I have watched almost all of your videos and these are really awesome,,
    In past I have watched other videos but all those were boring, so never
    cared, but your videos are both interesting and educative.
    I learned to use proper form and I have corrected many mistakes that I was
    doing at gym,,
    Thanx a ton for your videos and please keep posting more,, (Y)

  • luan assis 2 years ago

    i envy white ppl, not only do they have their choice of ghetto gyms like
    this but also top tier gyms to chose from.
    being a foreigner in japan is shit, all gyms are expensive and they are all
    for old ppl

  • thatboywhocantsnipe 2 years ago

    not trying to be rude but my 9th grade friend benches 100 in sets of 10 XD

  • Mandeep Baweja 2 years ago

    Well my body is also identical to this young boy! I m fed up of this skinny
    body! I wanna be strong i eat alot but its not effecting my body! I cant
    afford a gym! Can someone please tell me the alternate to this! I think
    pushup and pull up in park or so!

  • Caramelo Anthony 2 years ago

    Props to the kid for having the balls to show up in the gym that skinny

  • Tyler Ballowe 2 years ago

    im a beast in the gym and only bench 145 you know why? because i dont care
    what people think, as long as i get stronger mentally or physically

  • Jay Son 2 years ago

    I want to know more about this kid. His progress. Where can I find him