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Mssg me: ~Empower Network details: ~My main channel (Laughs, Inspiration, Singing, & more): h…
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  • Marissa Cornelsen 3 years ago

    Thanks Jae I just started my own channel and it only took me about a week
    if debating if I should or not before I just made a video :) the first one
    didn’t work out but I got it all figured out lol and you are totally right
    about the fancier stuff can come later and I can redo my videos lol but I
    just wanted to say thanks you and so many others have inspired me to do
    this :D

  • Micheal J. St. Bernard 3 years ago

    The facebook does’t work.

  • Papiloa Jourdan 3 years ago

    You are so funny! and very inspiring! Love how you quote Ghandi, and talk
    about timing – there is never a perfect time, love it!

  • JaeTracie 3 years ago

    Murder procrastination, don’t let it murder you! 😉

  • Jae Tracie 633 3 years ago

    HAHA! Thanks! Hope you’re enjoying all my vids! 😀