Share Button Video SEO (VSEO) – The top 10 ways of How to rank on YouTube using video search engine optimization. Its not enough to just upload your videos if you want to get…
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  • Oai Da 2 years ago

    is all this true for 2015 as well ?

  • Jon Acosta 2 years ago

    Great tips here. Definitely adding it to my “Video Marketing” playlist.
    Thanks for the insight! 

  • David Jansen 2 years ago

    Awesome tips. Thank you so much!

  • First time travel Thailand 2 years ago

    very good tips! Some i not known. Thanks

  • OcelaNation - Daily GTA 5 & Advanced Warfare Glitches 2 years ago

    Here’s the thing. How do they even click on it? Never helps! 😛 I’ve
    watched all videos on SEO. I don’t get it.

  • metocco 2 years ago

    Nice,after writing the title, you have to go on google for a total search
    through A to Z all related searches,and put all in the tags….and
    description..heehheheeheh ( example…nice dog A=accessories to nice dog
    Z=za ) ,any research in relation to the title of the video will be found
    immediately!! good luck ☺

  • Best Laptops 2015 2 years ago

    i m just confused, should we create links to video with http or https, i
    also listened from one Video seo expert, he mentioned in his course that
    both type of linking are ok, i m confused which one is best for video
    ranking or should we create links with both versions.

  • Thomas Jarvis 2 years ago

    I am ranking right now

  • Little Star TV 2 years ago

    Great Tips

  • Ferngesteuert-rc 2 years ago

    Great advice!!! Thank you so much. Well done!!

  • My Green Nest 2 years ago

    You are awesome, thank you for your information!!!

  • Cred-Demo 2 years ago

    Thanks, Paul! I am working on learning how to do this type of SEO and you
    did an excellent job of describing it here.

  • Bob Wong 2 years ago

    thank you!

  • Andrew Moyers 2 years ago

    Thanks for your time this video was REALLY useful! 

  • Super Event Sussex 2 years ago

    Very good very useful, liked the video learned a thing…or ten. Ill be
    using it to do work rest assured!

  • Scott Bryant 2 years ago

    great video mate like this video thank you 

  • Pattaya Bars 2 years ago

    Very good 

  • Robert R 2 years ago

    Excellent marketing tips. Will return often to see your new videos.!

  • Cred-Demo 2 years ago

    Great guide to help improve ranking for your YouTube Videos!

  • vivek badoni 2 years ago


  • Faiz Muhmmad 2 years ago

    Amazing Video sir Great keep it up .. 

  • Michael Henderson - Novelist 2 years ago

    Great video. It was clear, and was not a screaming pitch to buy something.

  • PTTC The Training Company 2 years ago

    Great video Paul, and some great tips. Looking forward to viewing more now!
    Have a great 2015!

  • Anxiety Orange 2 years ago

    Great video!